Certificationletter for IHR practitioners

Netherlands / South Africa, date as postmark
To all IHR practitioners | certificateholders IHR Register
Dear certificateholder, sir, madam,
We hereby inform you with respect to your personal and company certification with IHR Register and Global Network Group.
Status certificationletter
  • The certificationletter is applicable to all certificateholders.
  • The only valid certification letter is published on this website. All other versions of this letter are retracted and are declared invalid.
  • This letter is a component of your certification file.
  • A link to this document was sent to you after your first registration and certification.
  • Any hardcopy of this letter you have received by mail before the first of January 2016 will be invalid after the respective date. This hardcopy letter will be replaced by this online letter as published on this website.
Profile page and log-in details
  • You can always change your personal information on your personal or company profile online.
  • Log-in is available through the website www.adr-register.com. Simply enter your Username and Password in the two text boxes on the top right of the website.
  • Lost your Username? Email us with the message that you lost your password at info@adr-register and we will resend your Username.
  • Lost your password? Click the button ‘lost password?’ under the Log-In bar and follow the given instructions.
  • Always make sure your profile page(s) contain(s) information that is up to date with your personal or company data. This will include the latests logos, texts and links to social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twiiter and Facebook.
  • All certificateholders are required to maintain their own profile page(s) with the correct and up to date information.
Registration- and certificationfile
  • The file is held digital only and securely saved online.
  • We asure 100% confidentiality for all registration and certification files.
  • The following organizations have access to all files: (1) Global Network Group, (2) Lloyd's Register Netherlands, (3) ICC Council, (4) International Mediation Institute (5) External auditors and supervisors, (6) any committee or organization that was authorized by Global Network Group or/and the IHR Register.
  • IHR Agencies have access to contact details of certificateholders if these respective details are requested.
  • If a file is not complete or contains documents that are incorrect or plagiarized the registration of the certificateholder can be postponed, suspended or revoked.
Overview of your registration and certification
  • Your online personal profile contains a detailed overview of your entire registration and certification.
  • Your personal profile contains information on type(s), level(s), start/end date(s), and any additional information to any and all of your acquired certificates with IHR Register.
  • Your online profile is the leading way to show any credentials. Any hardcopy certificates are subordinates to digital certificates named on your digital profile.
Conditional registration and certification
  • If your have a conditional registration and certification the terms and conditions of your respective registration are sent to you in a personal email, these conditions apply to you and you alone.
Suspending and revoking
  • In the unfortunate case that your registration and certification is suspened and/or revoked you will be informed by IHR Register or Global Network Group via email.
Certificate of approval
Applicable for companies only.
  • If your company acquires the basis registration there will be no hardcopy and/or digital copy of a certificate sent to your company. There will only be a reference made to your registration in your personal digital profile.
  • Our terms and conditions apply to every certificate of approval.
Certificates of competence
Applicable for individuals only.
  • A digital certificate of competence will be sent to you. You are permitted by Global Network Group to print this digital certificate in any format and size. For a fair additional fee Global Network Group will personally produce your certificate with the gloss-quality paper. This will then be sent to an adress of your choice.
  • Our terms and conditions apply to every certificate of competence.
Rules, regulations and guidelines
  • Every certificateholder is required to comply with all rules, regulations and guidelines set by Global Network Group for as long as the certificateholder is registered with the IHR Register.
  • If you accept your registration and certification you automatically agree with all applicable terms and conditions.
  • Your personal and company registration and certification is considered as accepted unless you informed us otherwise in writing.
  • In the case that you do not accept our terms and conditions including this certificationletter you will not be accepted as a certificateholder i.c. IHR registered and certified practioner or all your current certificates will be rendered invalid.
  • In the unfortunate case of a personal or company bankruptcy you are required to alert IHR Register | Global Network Group immediately. This alert will be handled with strict confidentiality. We will contact you to discuss whether this affects any of your running certifications and what any further steps will be.
  • CLICK HERE for the Rules for complaints and disciplinary action including our code of conduct.
  • All certificateholders will be invoiced for the once-off fee on the occasion of the 1st registration and certification with IHR Register.
  • All certificateholders will be invoiced for the annual registrationfee, as agreed upon at the beginning of your certification period. This yearly feet can be invoiced by the Global Network Group before, during or after the applicable registration year.
  • All invoices must be paid before the awarding of a registration and certification, or if this is documented in the invoice: paid in full before the invoice expiry date into one of our bank accounts.
  • In the case that one or more payments are not made in time / at all or the payment is reversed Global Network Group maintains all rights to suspend and/or revoke all certificates. If payment is still not made after these consequences you will be expelled. This does not mean your payment obligation expires. In fact: your payment obligation never expires. Any debts you have to Global Network Group will be maintained, as well as all consequences for as long as you are in debt to Global Network Group.
  • CLICK HERE for the overview of applicable costs, fees and conditions.
CPD program
  • All certificateholders must maintain all minimum criteria and requirements stated in the CPD Program (Continuing Professional Development).
  • During the first registration-calendar year the certificateholder is excluded from any CPD requirements and does not have to meet any requirements.
  • CPD will be registered per calendar year.
  • CPD can be be carried back or forward a maximum of two years as stated in our carry back-forward regulation. This means that CPD can be spread over multiple calendar years.
  • Example
  • You acquire 26 CPD Points in 2016
  • You have exceeded your yearly CPD total of 12 points by 14 points
  • The points you have exceeded(14 CPD points) in 2016 you can now appoints to the years 2014(carry-back),2015(carry-back),2017(carry-forward), 2018(carry-forward)
  • You are required to register the number of CPD points in our online CPD application meaning that Global Network Group always has insight into your personal CPD Status.
  • It is not required to specify your online CPD points and assignments.
  • It is required that you keep supportive evidence of your online registered CPD points and assignments and if requested, give full insight to all respective supportive evidence to Global Network Group and IHR Register.
  • Your CPD Requirments will be reviewed at random. This will be performed by the Global Network Group or a committee | organization that is autorised by the Global Network Group such as the IMI or Lloyds Register.
  • CLICK HERE for the overview of all CPD Requirements.
Use of our logo and titles
  • Every certificateholder is required to use and to communicate the valid applicable registration and certification logos and titles.
  • All logos will be sent to you via email after we have granted you your first certificate. Any additional logos will also be sent if this is requested.
  • The Rules for the use of logos & trademarks is applicable.
  • Any not conforming usage of our titles and logos is not allowed and can lead to extreme consequence such as revoking or expelling your certificate(s).
Specific notifications for associate certificateholders
  • Validity: your certificate is valid for as long as is stated in your personal profile.
  • Recertification: If an associate status certificate expired, it cannot be renewed, it can be converted to full status. Associate status certificate is an once-off registration and certification.
  • CLICK HERE to find out more about conversion from associate to full status, and all information on the requirements for full status.
Specific notifications for full certificateholders
  • Validity: your certificate will be rendered valid as long as the annual registration fee is paid and all other requirements are met, including all CPD requirements.
Final remarks
  • Active use of our logos and titles.
    • We highly request and recommend you to use all your IHR titles and logos as frequently as possible, on websites, publications etc. This will increase your findability and will prove to the world that you adopt the highest quality standards in your practise of hypnotherapy which are - of course- the standards of IHR Register.
  • Retourlinks
    • On your company website, create visible and functioning links to our website, or to your personal page. This will allow people to understand the high standards that IHR Register adopts, and thus the high standards that you adopt. This also means that your web site rises in rankings and becomes more visible.
  • Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter:
    • Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!
    • Share our messages and pages.
  • Motivate other professionals within your network to apply for registration & certification with IHR Register!
    • A million voices are stronger than one: The larger the group, the more the efficiency, effect and success. Using a large group we can create more, bigger. Tell them your motivation in becoming an IHR registered practitioner, conciliate them with your motivation to become an IHR registered practitioner and soon we will be a company with tens of thousands of IHR practitioners who each provide professionalism to their clients.
  • Our general conditions apply.
  • Click here to read our general conditions.
Here at the Global Network Group we believe in continuously improving our processes and businesses, nothing is perfect!. Your opinion is the most important opinion in the world to us. Global Network Group manages registers with the company slogan ‘Created by certificate holders for certificate holders’. Changes and upgrades can be quickly applied since we are a 100% independant company, so if we like a suggestion, it is simply applied to our business process. Therefore any tips and suggestions are always welcome.

We wish you good luck and enjoyment in your field of work!
We trust to have sufficiently informed you.
With kind regards,
Global Network Group | ICC Council | IHR Register
ICC Council
Mr Robert Tettelaar
Office operations Europe
Mrs Marlot Lagemaat
Mrs Heather Vanderbilt
Office operations Africa
Mrs Theresa Du Preez
Mr Giel Tettelaar