Exceptions and exemption on entry requirements

1. General
1.1. Knowledge test
  • The International IHR knowledge test is available from January 1st 2017 onwards. If the application is filed before January 1st 2017 the applicant is exempt for the knowledge test.
2. South Africa
2.1. Liability insurance
  • Liability insurance is not required for applicants in South Africa however is appreciated greatly.
  • This decision is based upon the fact that for the applicable country - liability insurance is not relevant for the mass GNG scope.
  • This decision is applicable to all practitioners in South Africa.
  • No further action is required by applicants/certificate holders in order to satisfy this criteria else wise.
2.2. Company registration
  • Company Registration is not required for private professionals in South Africa.
  • This decision is based upon the fact that a large portion of the professional market in South Africa operate their practice as individuals.
  • This decision is only for private professionals whom practice their profession as a private entity. Any practitioner working for or under a company must provide proof of registration.
  • All practitioners who apply for this non-conformity to provide a letter stating same.
2.3. Reanimation certificate
  • The reanimation certificate is required for all IHR practitioners.
  • This decision is established consequently for the safety of clients who work with IHR practitioners.
  • This decision is applicable to all IHR applicants in South Africa.
  • In the case that an applicant fails to satisfy this criteria he/she is granted one year to follow a relevant course and acquire the respective certificate. In the case of non-compliance practitioner will be removed from the register indefinitely.
  • GNG authorizes IHR Register to execute the audit of this document after the applicable time period when applicable.