Rates & conditions

Rates & conditions
  • All prices in the stated currency, based on your company location
  • VAT if applicable and not included in the stated amounts
  • Typing- and publication errors reserved
  • Only digital invoices are provided.
  • Accepted payment methods: bank transfer, debit order, PayPal, credit cards, Ideal payments.
  • Cash payments are not possible.
  • Credit card payments over PayPal only. PayPal does not require a personal PayPal account; you are not obliged to register with PayPal.
  • Our general conditions apply and are published on this website.
Contract period and cancellation
  • The minimum contract period is the current calendar year.
  • Canceling the registration and certification can only be done in writing and against the last day of the current calendar year.
  • A cancellation can only come about if Global Network Group received the cancellation and confirmed it.
Annual price index
  • All prices are subject to annual changes.
  • The annual indexation is based on the local consumers index.
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!! Exclusive offers, discounts and fee structures for accredited agencies !!
If you studied with an accredited agency:
Check with your agency on exclusive offers,
discounts and tailor-made fee structures
for (former) students and graduates.
Once-only costs
Once-off entrance fee at 1st registration & certificationR500,-€97,50
Adding an additional category including personal file auditR250,-€50,-
Convert associate status to full statusno costsno costs
Annual registration fee
Annual registration fee, full calendar yearR1.250,-€97,50
During your 1st registration year:
The annual fee will be charged up on a proportionate share basis
from the application date.
So you pay only for the remaining registration period!
Additional services
Co-registration with ICR Coach Register as hypnosis-coach.
Important notification!
You will be visible as hypnosis-coach only.
If you wish to register more coach-(sub)types
you have to apply additionally with ICR Coach Register.
Terms & conditions are applicable.
no costsno costs